Movie Quotes from I Am Sam: Quotes from the movie I Am Sam

1: Can we get a baloon with this? 2: Yes 1: Just her or all of us (Everyone walks out with a baloon

1: I’m afraid. 2: Of what? 1: That I’m getting more out of this relationship than you are.

1: I’ve heard Bob’s Big Boy has the best hamburgers can we go there Wednesday instead of IHOP? 2: But Wednesday is IHOP, Wednesday is IHOP.

1: Im sorry, i wouldn’t want any other daddy than you….Did u get that….Did u write that down…I said I was sorry, and I didn’t want any other daddy but him

1: Is this yours? 2:Im Sorry. 1: Too late for sorry’s daddy, get over here and hold her hand!

You don’t know what it is when you try, and you try, and you try and you never get there!

all you need is love

Annie said God just chooses just the special people.

boy:(whispering)what’s wrong with your father? why does he act like he’s a retard?
girl: (whispering too)he is. he’s not like other Daddys.

Brad: I think you should sound like a normal person.

Girl:Daddy, what is mustard? Girl: It’s Yellow Ketchup

green eggs and ham by dotor succes

guy1: you’re recording. guy2: HI THIS IS *name*!!!!!!!!!! guy1: its, its an outgoing message so I think you need to sound a little more outgoing..

guy: how can we be, so…
girl: different.
guy: your teacher gave you a, a really hard book this time.
girl: (nods)

guy: you think what they think.*name* you can’t take care of *name*.
girl: it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is that we win!
guy: It matters to me!!!


how can we be so different and feel so much alike.

I wouldn’t want any other Daddy but you.

I’m going to do a terrific show today. I’m going to help people, because I’m good enough, because I’m smart enought, dog gone it, people like me

I..I think you’re the red in her paintings.

It’s like every time I wake up, I fail!

judge: now sam, in your heart of hearts dont you want the best for lucy?
sam: ya… in my heart of hearts ya.. in my heart of hearts ya

MOM! i told you movie night isn’t over till 9 its only 6:30.

P.S. I love you like in a song, I love you like in a song.

P.S. I love you like in the song, like in the song.

Rita: So how did you first meet Sam?
sam’s friend: I met Sam through the movie.
it was part of the outtakes of the movie

SAM! its movie night, Sam!

Sam, I can go another nine rounds, but you got to let me in.

She knows what she likes and that why she like these.

That’s a wonderful choice!

That’s an excellent choice!

Ya ok ya…I’ll save you a seat on my side, ya on my side.

You don’t know what it is when you try, and you try, and you try and you never get there!

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