Movie Quotes from House Party 3: Quotes from the movie House Party 3

Boy the last time I saw you you was his size,and boy the last time I saw you you was his size and the last time I saw you you had a quarter pound of doodle in your drawers.

Damn kid shes fine.

Goddammit I knew I knew you I even remember your name they used to call you jawbone.

Oh oh oh you let them two police women eat. Oh oh oh they got guns.Yeah and we got warrents Pimp daddy. Hey you gotta point there.

That’s not a man, that is a GOD!

That’s not turtles, that’s ass!

They must be at the motel six out on I 40 they serve complimentery 40’s.

Watch out! Come on in big Duke. Big Duke?

What you looking at? I aint afraid of you I aint Rodney King I’ll get one of you.

Yo momma. Oh my mommas dead I got to cut you thems the rules.

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