Movie Quotes from House of Sand and Fog: Quotes from the movie House of Sand and Fog

Americans, they do not deserve what they have. They have the eyes of small children who are forever looking for the next source of distraction, entertainment, sweet taste in the mouth. We are not like them. We acknowledge opportunities when we see them and we do not throw away God’s blessing.

she came to our house and tried to take from herself her own life, we must help her. she is a bird, a broken one…my father once said when a bird flies into your house it is an angel, and you must treat him as a blessing

She is a bird. A broken one. Your grandfather used to say that a bird which flies into your house is an angel. You must look upon his presence as a blessing.

why should i be penalized for thier incompetance, tell me. now if you will please go, i do not know where he put his hammers

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘House of Sand and Fog’: Quotes from the movie ‘House of Sand and Fog’

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