Movie Quotes from House of Bamboo: Quotes from the movie House of Bamboo

‘Hai’ means ‘yes.’

‘Sayonara’ means ‘goodbye.’

And every man has a breaking point when questioned enough.

Are you in or out?

If you don’t make a mistake, you never know when you’re right.

Look, I got you into this.

Nobody knows. We kept it on the q.t.

Our Chicago mob was coming in to take over Toyko. Well, that’s what happens when you act like a hoodlum. Selling protection.

That’s the way I built up my outfit. All ex-cons before they were drafted. All stockade hounds in the army, dishonorably discharged.

When the enemy thinks they got you on the run, counterattack. Don’t wait to regroup. Hit ’em with a surprise maneuver.

Your business is our business.

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