Movie Quotes from Home Alone 3: Quotes from the movie Home Alone 3

– It’s really cold outside. You’re a pretty tough old bird

– She knows I’m gonna be alone? What if she gets knocked up on iced tea, comes over and makes me smoke cigarettes?
– I’m going Alex
– Boredom? I hear it’s deadly in old folks

1. You hit my winkie! 2. Well, if you clean out your underwear once in a while, you wouldn’t have to worry about Rats crawling in them!

1.(referring to broken toilet) Are you almost done in there? 2.(sitting on toilet)DON’T start with me! 1. That’s ok, i’ll wait

1.We are going to Chicago. 2.In the winter? I packed tropical.

All I wanted was a skateboard.

Almost grown.

Bad Bad Leroy Brown.

dad(talking on phone)… hears screaming…Can i call u back my son just smashed the toilet seat on his thing again.

Excuse me for being a good citizen.

Green-eyed lady.

Hey Alex, could you pass me the false alarm, I mean, peas.

Home again.

I had the chicken pox when Herbert Hoover was in the White House.

I want it all.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Mum your hugging me in front of the cops

My town.

Ring! Ring! Goes the Bell.

We are going to Chicago.

What’s on your mind, monkey-butt?

When i’m an old man with bad and knobby knees, I’ll have Burton Jernigan to thank.

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