Movie Quotes from Hobbit, The: Quotes from the movie Hobbit, The

1. It likes…riddles? 2. Do I like riddles? Well, yes, I suppose in a fashion. 1. It must have a competition with us. If we asks it a question and it doesn’t answer…we…EATS it! 2. Oh, I say! 1. But if it asks a question and we doesn’t answer…then we shows it the way out!

1. Wait! Not gold alone brought me hither! 2. Be done with your riddles! What else brought you lakemen? 1. Revenge!

Oh…bother burglaring and everything to do with it!

Well, thief. I smell you, can feel your air…and I can hear your breath. Come along; help yourself. There’s plenty and to spare.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Hobbit, The’: Quotes from the movie ‘Hobbit, The’

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