Movie Quotes from Highway 61: Quotes from the movie Highway 61

–Now I know why they call you Pokey.
–Now I know why they call you Bangs.

I got everything man I got coke soaked in wine coolers and I got wine coolers ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh soaked in coke, I got ecstacy bwwwwww cops gonna come and get me cops on their way to get me bwwwwwewwwww so what do you guys want?

Lady, you can’t cheat at bingo.

Tomorrow he’s going to wake up with his nipple ring ripped out, a new monkey in his closet and a 14 year old asian boy lying next to him in a diabedic coma. He won’t remember a thing except that we’re taking our trick asses to Seatle!

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