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-Hey, you’re all red again.
-I know. I’m beginning to like it.

-Only me and Paul know we’re here.
-I know we’re here.

-What are you doing?
-Posting a letter.

1) The Royal Fuse has just blown! 2) (fixes fuse) Hairdryer I’ll bet. She had one for Christmas.

1) What’s this, glasses? 2) That’s right, Sir, they’re glasses.

1) What’s this? *removes item from soup* 2) Its a season ticket, whaddyou think it is? 1) Oh..I like a lot of seasoning in me soup.

1) You’re just trying to get attention again, aren’t you (name)! 2) I thought she was a sandwich…

1)What’s this? *holds up item in his soup* 2)Season tickets. 1)I don’t like a lot of seasoning in me soup.

1. I am easing the fuse in now. 2. I know, you fool, I’m here. Steady! 1. Steady, I am steady. 2. Now turn it to the right and it locks. 1. I am turning it to the right, it is locking. 2. This is what comes by teaching science by television. 1. You’ll thank me in the end. I am lifting it up. I am moving my left leg, I’m moving my right leg. 2. Oh, give me that. 1. (falls over)

1. I’ll handle this, I’m something of an impressionist myself you know, Jimmy Cagney…. Hello there, this is the famous Ringo here, gear fab, gear fab…
2. Doesn’t sound a bit like Cagney!

1. It’s for you, the famous Ringo. John: Hold on, it’s them, only me an’ Paul know we’re here. George: I know we’re here.

1.Ho 2.Ho 1.Ho 2.Hoo 1.Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho 2. Hoooo 1.Ha Ho!

1: Are you buzzing?
2: No thanks, we’ve got the car.

1: How do you feel?
2: I used to use my hands.
1: He used to use his hands. Ha ha.

1: Nice boys too and so natural.
2: And they’re still the same as they was before the was.

1: Paul!
2: We thought that was you.
3: No, that’s not me.

1: Please, say no more.
2: I can say no more.

1: The fire department once got my head out of some railing. 2: Did you want them too? 2: No, I used to leave it there when I wasn’t using it for school. You can see a lot of the world from railings

1: You’re all red.
2: I know, I’m begining to like it.

Woman1: Wave! Woman2: I’d like to. W1: Go on, wave! W2: Should I? They expect it don’t they? *both of them waving* W1: Lovely lads, and so natural. I mean, adoration hasn’t gone to their ‘eads one jolt, ‘as it? You know whott I mean, success! W2: They’re just so natural. And still the same as they was before they was. *they all enter through their own door to the same place*

He’s absolutely harmless. All you have to do is sing Beethoven’s Ode toe Joy from the famous 9th symphony in D minor.
John: Of course, why didn’t ya think of that, ya twit?

[George is choking John] John: It’s me, you fool! George: Oh, sorry! John: Well, stop it!!

Algenon: It’s the wrong plug. Uh, just give me five minutes!

Algernon: It’s green, the earth in America. Paul: In some places it’s brown. Algernon: It’s not earth.

All the rungs have been neatly sawn in the middle.

Another Girl.

Eeee! I’m all sticky!

Electrician: Hair drier, I’ll bet. She had one for Christmas.

Ey!! Somebody’s been in this soup! There’s footprints in ‘ere!

George: Hey, there might be some insurance. John: I wouldn’t think such a thing! (whispers) Find out.

George: I’ve got it!! No, I haven’t got it. It’s gone past.

George: With his hands, will he still be able to drum, eh?
Algenon: Oh, did he do a lot of it?

Get me the Home Office! He’s wrecking my home!

Go, to, the window. Go, to, the window!


I didn’t encourage that wink.

I don’t understand a word. I don’t speak the language, you see. Latin, yes. But this eastern babble, no.

I Need You.

I’m a deadeye shot, shooting.

i’m always gettin winked at nowadays….used to be you, didn’t it , paul?

I’m rhythm guitar and mouth organ.

it is a relativity cadenza

It must be their tea break.

It’s a thingy! It’s a fiendish thingy!

It’s a thingy, a fiendish thingy

It’s the brain drain! His brain’s draining.

Jeweler: I suggest you see a specialist.
John: What kind of specialist? He’s broken all your tools.

Jewler, you failed.

John: How do we know you’re not just as filthy? And sent by him to nick the ring by being filthy? Once you’ve lulled us with your filthy eastern ways??

John: That was you buzzing!

John: What are you doing on the floor?
Ringo: I’m tired.

Klang: Oh, my goodness gosh. Withdraw, withdraw!

M.. maybe it won’t take, eh?


My wife wouldn’t wear a ring like that. Ostentatious, that is.

Not the wheel!

Paul: Doesn’t the blood rush to your stomach?

Paul: Heey, he’s calling you; up, up!

PAUL:my skin soaked right through to the skin
RINGO:theres more here then meets the eye!
JOHN and GEORGE:ho.ho.oh.oh ho.ho ho

Ringo: What was it that first attracted you to me? John: Well, you’re very polite, aren’t you?

Sacrificed jolly with a knife.

Scientist: It won’t work. I don’t expect it to work. It could work, if the government had spent some more money.

She’s A Woman.

The Night Before.

There’s somebody been in this soup.

They have to paint me red before they chop me. It’s a different religion from ours, I think.

Ticket To Ride.

We’re not going there! We just put it about we’re going there!

What are you doing on the floor?
I’m tired.

What filthy Eastern ways are these?

With a ring like that, could I interest the military? No, I could not.

With a ring like that, I could . . . dare I say it, rule the world!

Woman: Where you been, eh? You been at the temply again’t, aren’t you? You’re as bad as your sister, coming home from work all hours and all colors!

You don’t miss your tonsils, do yer?

You’re Going To Love That Girl.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love.

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