Movie Quotes from Hellboy: Quotes from the movie Hellboy

1- Would you like to know his true name ? 2-I know what you call him but i call him son

1: There are only 2 things on this island: Sheep and rocks. {they find Nazi camp} 2: They must be here for the sheep.

Abe: We lead a charmed life. Remind me, why do we do this again?
Hellboy: Rotten eggs and the safety of mankind?
Abe: Ah.

Abe: It was attached to you for 5 seconds and layed three eggs. Hellboy: (sarcastically) Didn’t even by me a drink.

Cut to the end, will ya? How do I kill it?

Damn. She took his picture. She took his picture. She took his picture!

Didn’t I kill you already?

Hellboy: Hey Myers, what’s a good, solid word for ‘need’? John: Well, ‘need’ is a good word. Hellboy: Nah, too needy

Hey!! Red means STOP!!

Hey, stinky!

I can only promise you two things….One, I will always look this good. Two, I will never, NEVER, give up on you!

I’ll promise you 2 thing 1- I’ll always look this good and 2- I’ll never give up on you

I’ll promise you 2 things ..1 I’ll always look this good and 2 I’ll never give up on you

I’ll promise you 2 things: 1) I’ll always look this good…

I’m Fire Proof, You’re Not–(Lights Cigar)

I’m fire-proof. You’re not

I’m gonna be sore in the morning.

Im fire proof…youre not

It’s for YOU!! {hits monster with the phone}

John: Did you ever lose track of him? Hellboy: Let’s see… There was that moment when I had the train on top of my head.

Liz: Sparky to Big Red… Hellboy: Sparky? Who came up with that? Myers??

Look, Sammy, I’m not a very good shot. {holds up bigass gun} But the Samaritan here fires really big bullets.

My father said we like people for their qualities but love them for their defects

Now youve got two choices there stinky..we can do this the easy way or……crap…

Oh crap…

Red means stop

Red, white… Men are all the same.

Second date, no tongue!

The Spear of Longinus, recovered from Hitler in 1958.
…you mean ’45. Hitler died in ’45.
…did he now?

The thing was on your arm for only five minutes but it laid three eggs. HELLBOY: Did’nt even buy me a drink.

this is just our second date… no tongue

What makes a man a man? A friend of mine once asked. It’s the choices he makes. Not how he starts things, but how he finishes them.

You killed my father! Your ass is MINE!!!

You killed my father. Your ass is mine!

You should be running.

Zombie: If I still had legs, I’d kick your ass!

{About a Rubik’s cube:} THREE decades… and I’ve only completed one side.

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