Movie Quotes from Heavy Metal: Quotes from the movie Heavy Metal

#1- What are they saying? #2- They talk of a savage beast who prowls these catacombs with a fierce hunger and sharp teeth six inches long….sorry sixteen inches long.

#1-This is Norl my bravest warrior. You will go with him to the Queen’s castle and steal the Loc-Nar, then I will give you the girl. #2- And if I refuse? #1- If you refuse you die, she dies, everybody dies! #2- (Sounded reasonable to me!)

1: In all the time I’ve known him he’s never done anything immoral..
2: See?
1:…unless maybe the preschoolers’ prostitute ring.

A shadow will upon the universe and evil will grow in it’s path and death will come from the sky

And he’s, uh, never done anything illegal, unless you count all the times he’s sold dope dressed as a nun!

Death! DEATH! To all who oppose us!

Good nyborg, man!

Hangin’s too good for him, burnin’s too good for him. He should be torn into little bitsy pieces and buried alive!

Have her washed, and… bring her to me.

He dies! She dies! Everybody dies!

If there’s one thing I know its how to fly while I’m stoned.

Nothing can beat good ol American know how. And I was giving this broad the Stars and Stripes Forever!

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