Movie Quotes from Heaven Help Us: Quotes from the movie Heaven Help Us

(1)…yes, sir.
(2)Yes, Brother Thaddeus.
(1)Yes, Brother Thaddeus.

(1)And Rooney, never gamble what you don’t wanna lose.
(2)Hey, that’s deep, Brother.
(1)Yeah, well, I’m deep.

(1)Boo, stop playing with my flowers.
(2)I’m not playing with them, I’m gathering them.

(1)Do you think that holding that over my head puts me at your beck and call for life?
(2)Yeah! Thank uou God!

(1)He’s omniscient.
(2)Yeah, well, his mother’s probably one too.

(1)Hey, Cesar, you have something up your nose?
(2)Not anymore, Brother.

(1)That still leaves me one more lie.
(2)Yeah, but it’s a beautiful trade off.

(1)You know (name), I’ve waited a long time for this. (1 kisses 2 and unbuttons her shirt, 2 pukes on 1’s back)

(crawling around on the floor) To whom brother! To whom brother! To whom Brother!

Hands and knees up and down….let’s hear it Cesar….TO WHOM BROTHER! TO WHOM BROTHER!

He wouldn’t know fun if it slid up his robe and bit him on the badoingas.

If I don’t make you my friend that means I gotta kick your ass every time I see you.

Jesus, what’d they do to Elvis? Cut his balls off, or something?

Miserable. Are you familiar with the word miserable? Well, you will be.

Never confuse love with the deadliest of the seven deadly sins (writes on blackboard) LUST!

The Holy Trinity… is a total mystery that cannot be understood.

To whom, Brother. To whom, Brother.

What are you chewing on Cesar? Gum brother. Stick it on the end of your nose please….and you will leave it there for the remainder of the day.

Whats he gonna confess, takin a shit?

Who are you calling barbaric?

Who took the screws?

You and You and You and You…let’s go.

You see, when one is in the presence of a superior being, one naturally feels… inferior.

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