Movie Quotes from Haunting, The: Quotes from the movie Haunting, The

‘It was freaky. Kinda like the Teletubbies. Except they sing, which is scarier.’


(calling up the chimney) Helloooo, Santa!

(correction of quote) Theo to Nell: Don’t you love it here?

(Theo to Nell) You love it here?

1) (bumping into 2) I’m sorry! 2) That’s all right. I didn’t mean to scare you. (indicating himself) Luke Sanderson. Bad sleeper. Basic tosser-turner. (to 3) You are? 3) Nell Vance. 2) What kind of sleeper? Nightmares. 3) Not really. 2) Anxiety attacks? 3) No, nuh-uh. 2) Oh. OK. Obsessive indecision. Wow. (to 1) And you….let me think. You, I’m gonna guess, are a les- 1) Don’t even start. 2) Wow, you’re so dominant. 1) Yes. (handshake) Theo. 2) (smiles) Hey, Theo.

1) (reading an inscription) ‘All ye who stand before these doors shall be judged’. 2) Well, let’s not stand here.

1) Is this one of your sick jokes, Luke? 2) What? You think I wrote that? 2) You found it. You could have. 2) How? With the twenty-foot ladder I keep in my back pocket?

1) Let’s go over the basic needs of people: Food, water, shelter. 2) Sex.

1) These carvings are really creepy. All these fat little cherubs and angels with furry animals. It’s really bizarre, I think. 2) I think they’re the children Hugh Crain built the house for. 1) I don’t buy that for a second. That Hugh Crain was this lovable old tycoom with a soft spot for kids? The guy was obviously running a sweat shop, had kids working sixteen hours a day, then builds all this crap as propaganda. Like those Teletubbies. Those things freak me out also. Then they sing, so they’re actually kinda scarier if you think about it.

1. it seems that you all cant sleep because your lifes are exciting and you think about it when u go to sleep. but nothing has happened for me to not be able to sleep 2. but on your report it said u had trouble sleeping 1. yeah but mine is different to yours. ever since i was a little girl i’ve looked after my mother and for some reason she would wake up in the middle of the night and start banging on the wall with her cain and even though she’s dead when i wake up i still hear it.

1. look, all the who stand before these doors shall be jugded.
2. well then lets not stand here

1.did you study art?
2. no, i studied pergatory

Don’t you love it here? It’s like Charles Foster Kane meets the Munsters.

Hello? Santa?

I have a boyfriend and I have a girlfriend. We thought about living together, but we can’t because, well, they hate each other.

It was an evil house from the beginning. A house that was born bad.

It was freaky. Kinda like the teletubbies. Except they sing, which is scarier.

it’s about the family, it’s always about the family

nell can you feel it? can you feel it nell?, oh nell can you feel it?

NELL: Do you have trouble with commitment? THEO: Well, my boyfriend thinks so, my girlfriend doesn’t.

OK, I’ll take the first watch.

sex rok and if you dont think so you can fuck it

So do you have a husband? Boyfriend?…. Girlfriend?

We don’t have time for baby talk.

What would you call this place? Fun-o-rama?

What’s the deal with the Addams Family mansion?

You don’t get this from the Martha Stewart catalog.

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