Movie Quotes from Haunted Honeymoon: Quotes from the movie Haunted Honeymoon

… but now that dark cloud has pissed …. PASSED!

A loon for a husband, and Peter Pan as his wife!

F: My son does this wonderful impression of Aunt Kate. He’s got her voice down to a T. And, well, sometimes he likes to put on one of Aunt Kate’s dresses to entertain at family gatherings. V: I see. F: Oh, you should have seen him last Christmas! Such fun! Kate: Yes. And, when the police dragged him out of the ladies’ room at Saks Fifth Avenue, that was fun

It’s just a filthy figment of my diseased imagination.

My brother John, from whom you are all descended, was bitten on the back of his neck by something that was half-animal, half-human. From that moment on he was hairy . . . all over.

One of you is preying upon the fears of an old woman. Who ever you are, may God strike you dead! (pause) Now, let’s have coffee and desert in the music room!

This house is cursed

V: What’ll I talk about? L: Talk about a minute. That’ll be enough.

What kind is it?
Twenty three past seven!

Whoops there goes my imagination again how do you like that

Whoops there goes my imagination again, how do you like that.

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