Movie Quotes from Hammett: Quotes from the movie Hammett

–He was good.
–He was the best…in his prime.

Go home and type, Hammett.

Hey, look at that. It’s going to be the longest suspension bridge in the world. And the graft will probably set a world record too.

I was worried there for a while. I thought you was getting halfway respectable, like me.

I’m a halfway honest man in a nine-tenths dishonest world.

No, thanks. I’m trying to taper off.

Sex was all Sue Alabama ever needed, and she used it the way some guys used a blackjack.

Streets get swept, the garbage gets picked up, and the graft gets paid.

They picked her up at the Union Station with a ticket for Chicago in her bag.

They went after you, and I went about my business.

We taught you damn near everything you know. I taught you surveillance, fallback, even how to lie.

Well, it has to do with Chinatown.

What I am now is sort of an anarchist with syndicalist tendencies.

You buy the power, you trade it, you sell it.

You have a unique persuasive style, sir. Perhaps a little lacking in finesse, but then polish isn’t everything.

You’re trying to put them in jail. I’m trying to put them in a magazine.

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