Movie Quotes from Hairy Bird, The : Quotes from the movie Hairy Bird, The

abbie sayer when u are at the top there are always ppl who want to bing u down , so u just put up ur head and say poo!

(girl is wearing paperclips from her ears)
Girl 1- Take that jewellery off at once!
Girl 2- its not jewellery, its office supplies!

Abbie (to Conrad):um excuse me but did my date run of with your date.

Abbie: Your all just a bunch of…Doody heads.

Dennis: Maybe we could get it in with a spoon

I want to Wretch and die!

im im conarad , or u can call me connie , or daranoc , my name backwards… come on cockwreack


no more little white gloves

None of your floppin’ bunnies!

None of your flopping bunnies!

Possum-She’s not coming back Snake, she’s ditched you.
Beagle-Dead on the road.
Snake-But, she kissed me.
Possum-Girls get very kissy.

Push up the tits, blitz the zits, spray the pits

Sanke: Tinka your so pretty I could eat your teeth.

She greets guys with open legs

Snake: Tinka in my arms I must be dreaming…pinch me I’ll show you where.

They’re not earrings, they’re office supplies……..

Tinka kisses snake.

boys in background: Shes sucking his face off.

Tinka: I don’t even know you we havn’t been introduced.
Snake: Is that how people fall in love in your world, they get introduced, how sad, how tragic people like that are (ALL TOGETHER) FLAT CRITTERS.


Up your ziggy with a wah wah brush!

Vereena: Good night tinka
Tinka: Good night Vereena
Vereena: Good night Dennis
Tinka: oh dennis harder deeper oh oh.

You want to lie on your back with your legs in the air like a bug?!

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