Movie Quotes from Gun Shy: Quotes from the movie Gun Shy

–He’s strictly muscle.
–Demented muscle. The guy’s the Jeffrey Dahmer of hit men.

–I’m very good in reading what are in a person’s eyes.
–What do they say?
–They say…you’re sleepy.

–These guys aren’t real Feds?
–Just friends from group therapy.

–You’re one of my heroes.
–Who are your other heroes?
–Keith Richards.

Fund is overrated.

Hey, Judy, there’s something very important I have to talk to you about.

I’m gonna give you a stronger perscription

I’m gonna launder your money by playing commodity futures.

I’m sick of being a cliche

I’m very good at reading what’s in a persons eye

Invite them in. The guys are just accountants.

Lucky Charms

Maybe you’ve got the sleeping disease, Notgosleepy

Put your hand on the table I wont say it again!

sitting around here and shiting your pants

That’s a typically bigoted response to a nation you know nothing about.

Tonight your busting a Mafia Assassin

Top of the morning to ya

What everyone thinks of you is what determines your survival.

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