Movie Quotes from Greedy: Quotes from the movie Greedy

1)Actually, uh, I’ve given up bowling. I’ve got this injury… 2)Oh yeah, it’s a rough sport.

1)That would be just so happy-making! 2)Yeah, happy-making.

1)What are you doing in a hospital? 2)I didn’t feel good, stupid, why else do you go to the hospital?!

1)What’re you drinking? 2)Uh, it’s 7up. I’m not much of a drinker. 1)You will be.

1)What’s the matter with you? Are you retarded? 2)Not according to the tests.

1)Where are my presents? I like presents, especially from people who love me! 2)And who would that be?

1)Who are you? 2)Danial Mcteeg? 1)No shit that’s my name too.

1)You made my life a living hell! 2)Kiss my ass! 1)That would take all night!

1. Sometimes people have accidents
2. What are you saying?
3. Yeah, what are you saying?
1. I’m just saying people have accidents, that’s all.

1. Son, why don’t you go sit at the kiddie’s table?
2. Make me.

does he circle your ass?

Douglas, stop playing around and fetch me a beer.

He must screw better than he bowls! I do, don’t I?

I am richer than shit!

I didn’t like the Beatles and I don’t like you!

I didn’t like The Beatles, and I don’t like you!

I feel like a Goddamn tea bag!

I’ll kick your ass so high up you’ll have to take your shirt off to shit!

I’m a private investigator.

I’m old and I’m rich. I can eat whatever i want. If I wanna eat the Goddamn box I’ll eat the Goddamn box!

Made ten bucks just coming here. I get another twenty if I kiss you. I’m thinking about it.

N shitting a sailboat is a shock! This is a fucking catastrophe!

Oh yeah, definatly! I’m gonna beat up an elderly crippled man and she’s gonna say my what a catch!

Take some towels, for the money they charge you you should take everything. I’m trying to figure a way to get the bed outta here.

That’s my ass! That’s my ass in the director’s chair! Shit! That must mean I’m the director!

Which reminds me, try to bring up my cousin Tina’s drinking.

You couldn’t pull a pin out of his ass with a tractor.

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