Movie Quotes from Great Muppet Caper, The: Quotes from the movie Great Muppet Caper, The

1) I’d like to try this without the balloon!
2) What, plummeting?
1) Yeah!
2) I guess you could try it once.

1) Did you just give directions to a frog?
2) I guess I did.

1) Nicky, that’s my new receptionist out there! 2) Which one? 1) The pig.

1) We need to make a chain out of something that will hold us. 2)Sure thing, here’s the paper towels!

1)Are bears allowed in those fountains? 2)What? 1)Are bears allowed in those fountains? 2)Oh. I don’t know. 1)I need a bath.

1)Hey, we have a delivery for this house. 2)I didn’t order any pizza. 1)Well, we have a slip with your name on it. 2)Oh, really? What’s it say? 1)Well, what’s your name? 2)Henderson. 1)Uh…yes, that’s the name on the slip. 2)Let me see that slip. 1)Uh…Actually, that’s not the name on the slip.

1)Look,a bear!
2)No,that’s a frog honey. Bears wear hats.

1)We’ve got to catch um red handed. 2)What color are their hands now?

2:What is it! What happened!
1:Nothing. I just always wanted to say that.

1:We’re on the second floor.
2:Excuse me?
1:I said we’re on the second floor!
2:Oh, I’m sorry. I can only take you as far as the lobby!

Are bears allowed in those fountains?

Boregard; Maybe we could jump part way…..

Hey kermit can you reach the hostess call button i’m hungry.(kermit)- (They don’t serve food in 9th class). (Fozzie)- What 12 dollars and you don’t even get a meal!

I ain’t got no other pants.

I don’t know. I just always wanted to say that.

I guess this would be a bad time to ask for a raise?

If this is the Happiness Hotel, I’d hate to see what the sad one looks like.

Janice; Look mother its my life ok? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked then…oh.

Kermit: How long have you lived in England? Cabdriver: All my life. Kermit: Then how come you dont have an english accent? Cabdriver: Hey, I’m lucky to have a drivers liscence!

Lady Holiday, did you order a gross of flowered socks?

LADY HOLLIDAY: Ifeel as if thieves are breathing down my neck.
HER BROTHER, WHATEVER HIS NAME IS: Thieves aren’t breathing down your neck!

No, the pets are dead. The butler’s been discharged.

SAM THE EAGLE:It is times like this,I am proud to be an american.

So I said to him, I said, look mister, I don’t take my clothes off for anyone, I don’t care if it is artistic, and he was all- Oh.

We don’t want the bad guys to win!

When you’re in stir, you take the laughs where you can get ’em, Rosenthal.

You are all weirdos!

You can’t even sing ! Your voice was dubbed !

You’re wearing my moustache. Yeah? Well, you have mesh marks on your face.

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