Movie Quotes from Good Son, The: Quotes from the movie Good Son, The

Dr: I don’t believe in evil.
Mark: You should.

Henry: Do you want me to push you down there?

Henry: And Mark? Mark: Yeah? Henry: Don’t fuck with me.

Henry: I’ll promise you something amazing, something you’ll never forget. Are you in?
Mark: Yeah.

Henry: Mark, don’t fuck with me.

Henry: When you realize that you can do anything, none can touch you,you can fly.

Henry: Your mom, my mom… what the hell? We’ll both miss her.
Mark: I’ll kill you first…
Henry: Poor Mark… so violent… so disturbed… if you don’t watch out, they’re gonna lock you up.

Henry: YOUR Mom? Are you crazy?! Your Mom’s maggot food.

Hey listen here frodo shut the fuck up get on yo knees and suck my dick you stupid queer mother fucker!!!!

i love that dog

If I let you go, do you thank you can fly?

Mark: I could kill you now.
Henry: Go ahead. Jam it in. Got to push pretty hard though. The blood will go right across the room.

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