Movie Quotes from Good Bye, Lenin!: Quotes from the movie Good Bye, Lenin!

And so we flew through the night as if gliding through outer space light years from our solar system.We passed strange galaxies,harbouring unknown lifeforms and landed in Wannsee.

Maybe she sees us as tiny specks on the earth’s surface,just like Sigmund Jahns did back then.

Somehow my scheme had taken on a life of its own.The GDR I created for her increasingly became the one I might have wished for.

The country my mother left behind was a country she believed in.A country we kept alive until her last breath.A country that never existed in that form.A country that in my memory will always be associated with my mother.

What happened during the eight months i slept?You’ve grown up.I guess that’s what’s happened.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’: Quotes from the movie ‘Good Bye, Lenin!’

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