Movie Quotes from Godzilla: Quotes from the movie Godzilla

(After blow up the building,where GAodzilla childrens was,godzilla
looking people,s)Nick:It,s looks angry…

(After Godzilla emerges from the wreck of the MSG):
Camera Guy: What do we do now?
French guy: Running would be a good idea!

(talking in Russian) uh…uh…permit. Damn! How do you say permit? I have a permit!

(When they are running in building)
Audrey:Come on nick,this way!
(Godzilla,s baby,s running right to them)

(while being chased) Hey, go a little faster, Mr. French!

1)Hey! Hey, where are you going with my stuff! That’s mine. Here, give it to me. Give it! 2)Dr. Nico Tapadoplous? 1)It’s Tatapolous. 2)Yeah, whatever.

1)How ’bout you? How you doin’? 2) I could use a coffee

1)Oh, my God. The fish! 2)Nick, come on! 1)They ate all the fish.

1)What do we do now?
2)Running would be a good idea.

1)What’s with the chewing gum? 2)It makes us look more American.

1. Caiman is dirt. To him you’re just a pair of breast that talk.
2. Well there’s an image.

1. he did all this and we did nothing to him.
2. That’s not true. we fed him.


Animal: I’m eating, can’t you see I’m eating?

Asexual, where’s the fun in that?

He’s amphibious,he a burrower,and..(take sample from flask,drops into pregnancy tester)he’s pregnant.Hah,a very unusual ‘he’

He’s pregnant.

That’s a lot of fish

That’s my husband! That’s my husband! I’m gonna kill him!

The fish! They’ve eaten all the fish!

This thing is much too big to be some lost dinosaur.

You must have quite some harem.

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