Movie Quotes from Go Naked in the World: Quotes from the movie Go Naked in the World

–How many? Did you ever count?
–Why count waves in the ocean?

–I don’t like leaving you alone.
–I haven’t be alone ten minutes since I was 12.

–If you’re free later this evening…
–I’m never free, sweetie.

Girls like me don’t fall in love.

I seell myself…It was free.

I want to be like the others. I want to have a hard time remembering your name!

I’ll see you around. And if you don’t say hello, I’ll understand.

I’m hooked on a hooker!

It’s the moon, that’s what it is.

Love? We’re talking about rent! There’s a dozen men in this room who know that girl better than you – including me, you dumb kid.

You make me feel like being honest, and honest girls have lonely nights.

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