Movie Quotes from Gleaming the Cube: Quotes from the movie Gleaming the Cube

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But brian youre something more then that, youre the gleam in the cube

Here’s what I think. Adults are predictable. (Vinh says: Don’t count on it) Yeah, they’re living under this illusion that life, as we know it, is going to continue forever. So they expect us to act like what we do today will have an effect on what we do in 30 years. I mean it’s rediculous to think there’s going to be anything in 30 years. I don’t know what’s worse, ya know.Being blown up in a nuclear war or having a 7-11 on every corner.

i dont know whats worse,being blown up by nuclear bombs or having a 7-eleven on every corner.

I guess we all do unexpected things sometimes, don’t we?

If I had a dog with a face like yours I’d shave his ass and teach it to walk backwards

If i had a dog with a face like yours, I’d shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards!

They killed my brother

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