Movie Quotes from Girl Next Door, The: Quotes from the movie Girl Next Door, The

#1= You’re name is Clits?
#2= With a K

‘Cuz we’re a fucking tripod

(1) Do you have the fever? (2) No…. why do you? (1) I donno… (3) I just gotta fuck someone

(1) I know I lost my virginity at senoir prom, what about you April (2) Umm I lost mine when I was 10… (1) OKAY moving on!

-I know that I lost my virginity at prom, what about you April?
-I lost mine when I was 10

1)So what do you guys do? 2) I get freaky

Ah ah! The whole package ;-)

Because we’re a fucking tripod

because were a fucking tripod!

Can i come in? i’m all wet.

cause were a fucking tripod!

Do I look gay to you?

Do you know what its like to want something you can have, but there is always someone or something that gets in the way and the only thing you want to do is kick the living shit out of them but them you see its not the right thing to do, so you ask yourself, what do i do?

Do you want to fuck me? Isn’t that why you got this cheap hotel room so you could fuck a porn star?

I know.
I know.

Eli) Matt time to go time to go! Matt) Why? Klitz) IT GOT BAD IT GOT BAD BOLT!

Eli, do those girls go to your school?
Actually, no, Mrs Kidman, they’re porn stars.

Eli-Now what would JFK do? You know he’d tap that ass!
Matt-Eli, I like this girl–
Eli-And you can still like her with your penis isndie her!!

Hi! Im coming in, can i come in?

I can’t speak another language, so I guess that’s out, and I can’t quote JFK now can i Ryan?

i just wanna bang hot chicks

I love’d the way you looked at me


i will always remeber the three legs of the tripod!

i will always remember making fake id’s with my friends and having them last only 6 minutes.

I’m all wet..can I come in?

I’m pretty sure I could make a better sex-ed video with my mom

if were gonna do this whole trust fund thing im gonna need a good act of trust…ok like what….a blow job…now i told you she wont do that…i didnt say anythign about her

If you don’t fuck her, I will kill myself

Is your name really Klitz?

Kelly: Hey Peterson, yea you, get over here. God Damn Peterson, I havent seen your black ass in ages.

Let’s make some fuckie-fuckie

Matt I swear to God if you dont fuck her! I will kill myself!

Matt)i’ve just done soo much nuts stuff, i mean it’s just off the hook, off the wall…
Danielle)You haven’t done anything, have you?

Matt)…No, it’s kinda have been my problem lately.

Matt: I like this girl

Eli: You can still like her with your penis inside her.

Moral Fiber It’s about finding that one thing you care about, that one special thing that means everything in the world to you, and when you find her, you fight for her, you risk it all, you put her in front of everything your future your life all of it and maybe the stuff you do to help her isn’t so clean, it doesn’t matter, cause in your heart you know the juice is worth the squeeze

Mother-Do these girls go to your school? Eli-No they’re pornstars.

now im really gonna fuck your shit up!

Okay let’s make some fucky fucky!!

Reporter: Why did you decide to forgo film school, don’t you think you’re a little young? Eli: SHUT THE FUCK UP, next question

Shut the fuck up!…Next Question.

So, what is ‘Moral Fiber’? It’s funny. I used to think it was always telling the truth, doing good deeds… You know, basically being a fucking Boy Scout. But lately I’ve been seeing it differently.

stay in school

that fuckin bitch can’t run away just cuz she doesn’t want to fuck on film anymore. Get Up. (walks away with Matt and turns around to the class) Stay in school.

the juice was worth the squeeze

There….are ya happy now?!

This is Matty’s first time, why don’t you buy him a dance?

we live in a crazy mixed up world! crazy, but oh so beautiful.

what can i say? it’s like a gift…it’s like i can’t control it!

What do we know Danielle. We know that you should be with me at the top where the air is crisp.

What would JFK do? You KNOW he’d tap that ass

whats the craziest thing youve done lately?

yeah, whatya gonna do?

You can still like her with your penis inside of her!

you guys have to use my girl in a video, at least test her out first…nah i dont think we should…come on then atleast feel her tit..ehhh i dont know, fuck it ill feel one

You such a good friend Klitzy, i love you, i love you soooooo much.
Uuh hu hu hoo, this is gonna be amazing

You wanna be president… let me tell you the first rule of politics: Always know if the juice
is worth the squeeze.

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