Movie Quotes from Gidget: Quotes from the movie Gidget

1. Really, letting eligible men see you in an outfit like that, haven’t you got any pride? 2. Pride? Well I guess I’ll have to look up the definition of the word again

1. Would you, uh, sorta wear this till I come back? 2. Oh, boy would I?! Oh, just wait, wait till the girls get a load of this! Honest-to-goodness-it’s-the-absolute-ultimate!

A girl becomes a woman when she brings out the best in a man.

Although she’s not kingsize, her finger is ringsize. Gidget is the one for me.

Boy, the bigger they are, the doppier they get!

Hey! This is the Ultimate!

Honest to Goodness it’d the absolute ultimate

honest to goodness it’s the absolute ultimate!


It possitively surpasses every living emotion I’ve ever had!

it’s the absolute awsomeist

It’s the Ultimate!

The man said to bring the toy back to the nursery

The next best thing to love.


you better get out of the sun before you melt

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