Movie Quotes from Ghost in the Machine: Quotes from the movie Ghost in the Machine

1/_How’s Gil?
2/_I don’t know…. and in future, would you please refer to him as *that schmuck!*

1/_So you make it a habit of breaking into scientific facilities?
2/_It’s more like a hobby, really

Bram (walks in building sopping wet): Bram walking reporting for duty. Phil (boss looks at watch): You’re late. Bram (holds up a wet map): I have trouble with road maps. I just only hope your computers are less complicated. Phil just glares at Bram. Bram: Joke. Phil: I don’t have a sense of humor. That’s the first thing new employees notice about me.

Carol (babysitter): You boys are definately getting too old for babysitting.

Elaine (nana): Any guy who would leave his son, isn’t a real father. Terry (mom): Not now mom! Josh is fine. Upstairs we can hear Josh’s music going, ‘Don’t call me a n!gger whitey-white.’ Elaine (sipping her coffee or tea): I can tell.

Josh: Look, I’m sorry you lost your address book, but could you find someone else to take it out on?
Terry disconects Josh’s phone and takes the phone away.

Work Guy (hands Elliot a bad ladder): Here’s your ladder, sir. Elliot(slaps it showing it’s poor durability): What the hell is this? What are you trying to do, kill me? Go and get another letter and fill out another form marked under ‘M’. That’s ‘M’ as in moron. The work guy kind of gives Elliot a dity/hurt look, but Elliot has no remorse. Elliot(snappy): Well go!!!

Bram: Terry, can you do me a favor?
Terry: Anything.
Bram (points at heart monitor): Turn off that d@mn machine.
Terry switches it off.

Ghost: Yes, I’d like Sit Tight Tonight by the Serial Killers.
DJ: Wow! Is that for anyone?
Ghost: It’s for Bram Walker, who I know is very alone, right…now.

Was your daddy a thief?… cause he took the stars from the heavens and put them in your eyes

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