Movie Quotes from Friday the 13th: Quotes from the movie Friday the 13th

‘The boy… is he dead, too?’ ‘What boy?’ ‘The boy in the lake.’

(1) Going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya? (2)Goddamn it, Ralph! Get outa here, go on, get! Leave people alone!
(1) You’ll never come back again!
(2) Oh shut up, Ralph!
(1) It’s got a death curse!

1)You see, Jason was my son. And today is his birthday.

Alice:The boy… is he dead, too?
Tierney: Who?
Alice: The boy. Jason.
Tierney: Jason?
Alice: In the lake, the one… the one who attacked me… the one who pulled me underneath the water.
Tierney: Ma’am, we didn’t find any boy.
Alice: Then he’s still there.

Did Christie tell you about the two kids murdered in ’58?

Dont let her get away mommy…kill her mommy.

Double sixes!

ewwww epititom, ewwwww epititom, ewwwww epititom, ewwwww epititom

Flip it mommmy, flip it. Oh I will Jason, I will.

I think we should wait for Mr. Christie

I wouldn’t send my kids to that camp for all the tea in China

It won’t start. The engine must be wet.

its got a death curse

Killer Mommy Killer, Dont let her get away, I wont Jason I wont

What…Do I do???

You know what those camp counselors were doing while Jason was drowning? They were stuffing crepes with fresh blueberries.

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