Movie Quotes from Freshman, The: Quotes from the movie Freshman, The

#1-(singing)Mein Herz schwimmt im Blut. It means my heart swims in blood.

1. My father thinks Clark is an A student. 2. Why yes, he’s very good. 1. A student, my father said A student. 2. yes, yes, A+ !

1.I’m Carmine Sabatini’s only daughter, Tina. 2. I didn’t know he had a daughter, only. 1. He does, i’m her.

By the time this night is over, you’ll either be a hero or you’ll be Rodolfo Lasparri of Palermo, Sicily.

Carmine told me 1 boy and here are 2.

Every word I say is, by definition, a promise.

Every word I say, by definition, is a promise.

Everything I say, by definition, is a promise.

From her to eternity.

He’s an importer,… an extremely powerful importer.

I told him he was a naughty dragon… for a joke!

I’d only been in New York City for 10 minutes and already I was ruined.

Look we dont need to involve the cops here. What if I offered you a job with my Uncle? You know what, forget about it. You dont deserve it.

Mona Lisa.

Remember when it was sent over here to tour all the museums? It never went back.

There’s a kind of freedom in being completely screwed, because you know things can’t possibly get any worse.

They cook these animals, yes sir, for an international clientele of degenerates, scum, Eurotrash… The more endangered the species, the higher the price tag.


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