Movie Quotes from French Connection II: Quotes from the movie French Connection II

–Another one of your April Fool’s jokes?

–Jack Daniel’s.
–Jacques qui?
–Jackie, yeah, Jackie Daniels’s…Scotch, right there, El Scotcho.

–Mayonnaise. Mayo. Mayo. Mayo…Mayo!

–Here we go.
–Avec glace?
–Yeah, in a glass.

1: Do you ski?
2: Do I ski? Do I look like I fucking ski? I can hardly walk!

Ask him if he ever picked his feet in Poughkeepsie.


Do you speak English?

I must say, Mr. Doyle, you were the one person I did not want to see again.

I’d be better off in New York on welfare.

I’m going to get Charnier.

I’ve been a New York cop for 14 years.

Marseilles is not New York.

Mr. Doyle, I was requested to help you.

New York is hazardous to your health.

Tell me the truth. I was set up, wasn’t I?

Why don’t you go back to New York and kill policemen since that’s what you do best.

You bet your fuckin’ ass it ain’t New York.

You come with us to observe.

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