Movie Quotes from Free Willy: Quotes from the movie Free Willy

1-Infact that’s how I met Dwight. 2-Dwights a jerk.

1:)They lookin for me?

Animals, can misbehave sometimes, just like people. But you can’t give up on them!

DWIGHT: Breaking and entering!, Vandalism, Resisting arrest, Got anything else? Was Perry with you on this number?
JESSE: Perry, who?!
DWIGHT: Don’t play! I spent forty- five minutes on a conference call with the police department and that adventure park, trying to keep you clean, son. You know what? You were lucky this time. I kept your little behind out of court. They would have put you in baby jail, that means a lock-up in juvenile hall, son! You have to clean up the mess you made. ( JESSE shows sign of disagreement) Ah,Ah,Ah, that is your probation.

Guy: Nice whale.
Randoff: Thanks.


Let’s free Willy!


OLD MAN: Nice whale.

Rae: [ Takes out fish with broken belly ] Uh… broken belly, toss it. [ Takes out perfectly skinned fish ] This is a good fish.
[ Takes out ripped fish ] That’s a bad fish.
[ Takes out perfectly skinned fish ] Good fish…
[ Takes out ripped fish ] …bad fish.

Sa la na, a yuum, iasis

The artist returns! Welcome back.

You want me, to put the fish, in your mouth?

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