Movie Quotes from Freaky Friday: Quotes from the movie Freaky Friday

(Anna) Stacey! (Anna hugs Stacy, but Stacey flips Anna in the hot dog stand.)(Anna) Stacey, what are you doing?!?! Whoa!

(Harry) GRANDPA! (Grandpa) [hugs Harry] Hey, Monkey!

(Harry) [shakes table] GRANDPA! PASS THE MILK!!! (Grandpa)EARTHQUAKE!!!!

(Harry)[shakes the table] GRANDPA!!! PASS THE MILK!!! (Grandpa) EARTHQUAKE!!!

1. Fun sucker! 2. I am not. 1. Fun sucker, fun sucker.

1. What about the bullies? 2. run fast

1:) Stop groveling, man. Let HER come to YOU. 2:) Yeah – she’ll come with a hatchet.

Adult- That’s tuff.

Kid-It’s a tuff world

Anna in Tess’s body: Like cooking, I mean have you never heard of takeout? And cleaning, let’s don’t and say we did. Quality time with your kids, You know what? Quit bugging them Leave them alone. They like it!

Anna in Tess’s body: It’s easy to be you. I’ll just suck the fun out of everything.
Tess in Anna’s body: I do not suck the fun out of everything.
Anna in Tess’s body: Fun-sucker.

anna- what are u doing? jake-i just wanna talk to your mom. anna- are u insane!? jake- i know i am. anna-what are u thinking!? how could u possibly entertain ideas about u and a woman her age!? jake-what are u talking about!? .. she looks.. great.. anna- really? wow… NO! you have to disappear! jake-i know its unconventional and i know.. nothing could happen im not.. stupid. i just.. i wanna know her.. ya know.. be able to talk to her. anna- for goodness sake jake! u realy need to find someone your own age. *kiss* jake- anna ur beautiful.. but your not her. *slap* anna- stop it! promise to leave my mother and her fionset alone! [anna’s mom- ANNA BANANA!!] anna — OOUUGHH!!

Anna: If you don’t give me back my door, I’ll kill myself! Harry: Ooh, can I watch?

Anna: Where do I even begin? Could it be your career TV apperance, your non-stop partying with myt car and wallet, OR perhaps my body’s makeover from hell!?!?

Anna:…and you will stay right—oh no… Tess: what? Anna: Even Tess: Even? Whose Even? Anna: O my neediest patient..i’ve been seeing him every day for the past 3 years Tess: hm..bummer

Annabell (as Tess): I don’t believe in any contact with the opposite sex. At all.

Annabell (as Tess): I Look like Stevie Nicks!
Tess (as Annabell): Who’s he?

Tess (as Annabell): We’re doing a role-switching activity.
Grandpa: If I have to do this with Harry, does that mean I need to wear a thong?
Harry: Ooooh! Earthquake! Help me!

Annabell (as Tess): You pierced your navel?!
Tess (as Annabell): Oh, yeah, forgot to tell you about that…sorry
Annabell (as Tess): Well when you get your body back, it’s grounded!

Annabell (as Tess): It’s easy to be you I’ll just suck the fun out of everything!
Tess (as Annabell): I do not suck the fun out of everything!
Annabell (as Tess): Fun-Sucker!

Annabell (as Tess): Oh, I’m like the Cryptkeeper!

Annabell (as Tess): Something happened to us!
Tess (as Annabell): Yeah, something that SUCKS!

Aren’t you like the maid of horror or something?

At least you have a great sense of style….not like me.


Do you like the White Stripes? No. Get a bass player.

feet down

fun sucker!

give him a chance

Grandpa Harry!….NOOOOOO!

Grandpa, will you please pass me the milk?…..Grandpa, will you please pass me the milk?…GRANDPA (shakes the table)WILL YOU PLEASE PASS ME THE MILK!?!

Hamlet was just this guy…he was boppin’ around. Didn’t know which way was up, which way was down…TEACHER: You mean he was confused about what he wanted. KID: Exactly!

Harry: You know this dad thing could be hard or easy

Hey Alan that’s not our car!

I don’t believe in physical contact with the opposite sex…at all…and you girls would do well to follow my example.

I for one am not crazy, i’m nearly a grown women trapped in my daughters body…oh man i am crazy

I for one am not crazy. I am merely a grown woman trapped in my daughter’s body. Oh my god…I am crazy.

I’ve got the hives for you? I beg your pardon?

If I’m Harry do I have to wear a thong? Earthquake. Save me!

Im old….I’m like the Cript Keeper!!!!!!

Max, you big hamburger!


No No NO NO NO.I don’t believe in any physical contact with the opposite sex. At all. Ever.Nothing.You girls should follow my example

No way(Anna when in Tess’s body)

Out of what stretch of the imagination, I mean How could I like get an F?

Pei-Pei: Coo-kie?

please mum i just had breakfast

prepare is to you…as not is to test

Privacy is a privilege

Ryan: Ok where to next, Harry’s school? Tess: oh he can walk from here Harry: It’s 20 blocks! Tess: fresh air’ll do ya good Harry: But what about bully’s? Tess: Run fast

Ryan: OK, where are we going next Harry’s school
Anna in Tess’s body: Oh, he can walk from here.
Harry: It’s 20 blocks!
Anna in Tess’s body: Fresh air will do you good.
Harry: But what about bullies
Anna in Tess’s body: Run fast.

Ryan: where to next Harry’s school. Tess: oh he can walk from hear.
Harry: its 20 blocks. Tess: Fresh air will due you good. Harry: but what about bullies Tess: Run Fast!

Ryan:) You know what? I’m not really a prying kind of guy, but just for the heck of it, I’m just wondering what you were doing on the eve of our wedding straddling some guy on the back of a big black Harley?
Tess [as Annabell]): Hell-oo! It was a Ducati!

So we’re stuck in this suckfest?!!?!?

sometimes we search for things that are right in front of us

Tess (as Annabell): I can’t marry Ryan, Eww!

Tess in Anna’s body: And what are you doing with this?
Anna in Tess’s body: I’m eating.
Tess in Anna’s body: You cannot eat fast food.
Anna in Tess’s body: Why not?
Tess in Anna’s body: Because it will go down your throat and drop instantly to my thighs!

Tess in Anna’s body: Honey! Look, I think something’s happened to us.
Anna in Tess’s body: What are you?
Tess in Anna’s body: It’s me Mom.
Anna in Tess’s body: You’re not my mother!
Tess in Anna’s body: Yes, I am.
Anna in Tess’s body: Get away, you clone freak!
Tess in Anna’s body: Don’t you use that tone with me!
Anna (n Tess’s body: Oh my God, you are my mother!

Tess in Anna’s body: You pierced your navel?
Anna in Tess’s body: Yeah, I… meant to talk to you about that.
Tess in Anna’s body: When did you do this?
Anna in Tess’s body: At Maddie’s cousin’s sweet 16.
Tess (n Anna’s body: Well, when you get your body back, it’s grounded.

Tess*gong out to the car before the rehersal dinner*- shotgun!

Tess-whats all this with Stacey Hinkhouse anyway? Anna-cus shes an insane physco FREAK! and you would know that if you paid a SPEC! of attention

Tess: Bye sweetheart, make good choices!

Tess: Oh, look there’s Stacey Anna: *rolls her eyes* Joy!

Tess: Platinum! cool. Anna Dont even think about it

Tess: You read her diary? That’s gross! BAD MOM AWARD!!

Tess:Nice Bike. Anna: What?!. Tess: It’s not like ive ever been on it before…im not allowed.

That child hasn’t got a clue about my life. Not a single clue.

That’s why I’ve been craving caffeine all day. I thought I was dying.

This isn’t mine, these aren’t mine!!

TV Interviewer:) Loved your book, I actually read this one. Tess [as Annabell]): That makes one of us.

Umm … are you gonna answer that?Tess:::looks at the phone:: no

ur ruining my life

What is this? one of them thongs?

You do it you ol’ fart!

you lied to me, you’re a lier!

You play notes? I just thought that we could play in the key of rock!

you’re ruining my life!!!!!!

[After getting an ‘F’ in English]
Mr. Bates: You missed the point of the book.
Anna: How can anyone miss it?
Mr. Bates: My grade is finale.
Anna: [Under her breath] Except he had hair.
Mr. Bates: [Overhears, turns his head at Anna] ANNA!!!!!!
[Anna walks into detention room.]

[Anna’s door is gone.]
Tess: [Shoots Anna the look] I spoke to your principal.
Anna: WHAT?!
Tess: Just now on the phone!
Tess: Privacy is a privilege, Anna.

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