Movie Quotes from Frankie and Johnny: Quotes from the movie Frankie and Johnny

‘Beginner’s Luck’

‘Come Along’

‘Frankie and Johnny’

‘Please Don’t Stop Loving Me’

(Cora)Hey Tino! Who do I have to fuck to get a waffle?
(Tino indicates himself)
(Cora to customer)Forget the waffle!

(Dora)She didn’t tell you about the gold pumps? (Tim)He wore gold pumps?!

(Frankie)You’re not being penalized. You’re just not getting laid.

(Johnny)Hey! Gotta job today! (Man)Who gives a shit!

(Johnny)We’re like a lock and key. (Frankie)I don’t like where your key’s been.

(Jorge)You just need two words to survive in this world: ‘fuck’ and ‘you’.

(Nick)I believe in giving a man a second chance, until he — Pookie, close your ears — until he fucks up. (Johnny)I won’t — Pookie? — I won’t fuck up.

(Tim)Excuse me, Johnny, I’ve got to hang up. We’re expecting a call from you any minute.

–I ran into a guy who told me about a gypsy fortune-teller. She’s got a hot cup of tea leaves.
–I’m a coffee man myself.

–I’m sorry. I’m no good at small talk.
–This isn’t small talk. It’s enormous talk.

1)Why are you doing this?
2)Everything I want is in this room.

Business is awful. Why don’t you have a talk with your crystal ball?

Escort the gentleman gently to the deck. Kick him down the gangplank.

Fuck you how I talk. I’ll talk any fucking way I fucking feel like. This is my fucking bowling night and who the fuck are you to fucking spoil it by fucking telling me you love me.

I’m a BLT down sort of person, and I think you’re looking for someone a little more pheasant under glass.

I’m a BLT-down sort of person, and I think you’re looking for someone more pheasant-under-glass.

I’m afraid of what I am, of what I’m not, of what I might become, of what I might never become. I don’t want to be at my job for the rest of my life, but I’m afraid to leave.

I’m sorry Johnny, I have to hang up. We’re awaiting a call from you any minute now!

I’ve been tryin’ to get that gal to go out with me for the past hour. She takes one look at that buggy of yours – you’re in.

In my next life, I hope I’m not a girl. I could never go through that again.

It didn’t SEEM like you came! I mean, usually a guy’ll moan or somethin’, you didn’t even clear your throat!

Love and trust. That’s what makes a marriage great.

Marcel Marceau cums louder than this guy!

Money’s money, ain’t it?

Now, there’s a man and a woman. He’s a cook. She’s a waitress. Now, they meet and they don’t connect. Only, she noticed him. He could feel it. And he noticed her. And they both knew it was going to happen. They made love, and for maybe one whole night, they forgot the 10 million things that make people think, I don’t love this person, I don’t like this person, I don’t know this- Instead, it was perfect, and they were perfect. And that’s all there was to know about. Only now, she’s beginning to forget all that, and pretty soon he’s going to forget it too.


Talk about a load off?? Talk about a crock of shit!!

That’s a gypsy for you – takes all your dough so you can’t take her advice.

The kid’s got problems – keeps breaking mirrors and walking under black cats.

The rabbit’s foot didn’t help?

To make fun of someone’s intelligence, or education, or lack of, that would be a person I’d be really glad not to be around right now!

Want some bran? You might as well eat rope and yank it through.

You’re not being penalized. You’re just not getting laid!

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