Movie Quotes from Foul Play: Quotes from the movie Foul Play

1. Beware… the dwarf. 2. Scotty, I don’t think there is a dwarf in this movie.

Binoculars! You’re into that too?

Cojack! Bang Bang!

dying man in movie theater: There’s going to be a murder./ lady: Oh, I’m sure of it!

Far Out!

goldie:then i stabbed him with the my needles..
officer: ahh…narcotics…
goldie: no , knitting…

Nobody messes with Stella unless Stella wants to be messed.

Our suspects are albinos and chain smokers.

She was one tough old Mama.- Mr. Henesey

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Foul Play’: Quotes from the movie ‘Foul Play’

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