Movie Quotes from Forever Young: Quotes from the movie Forever Young

1. Harry froze a chicken. 2. Big deal, my butcher’s done that. 1. Yeah, but I bet your butcher never brought the chicken back to life.

Daniel McCormick: You’re holding my heart.

Daniel: Are you Nat Cooper?
Nat Cooper: It’s the dead guy!
[Felix runs in to the hallway, and also sees Daniel.]
Felix: It’s the dead guy

If she comes with a warranty, I’ll take her!

It’s the dead guy!


Matt: I’m in the library on a Saturday! She’ll think I’m a geek!

Felix: She’s in here too!!

Matt: Oh Yeah!

Nat- I like your dress. It looks like wallpaper…I like your nails. They look like blood.

So, you guys do this a lot, mess around with classified military experiments?

Stop following me!

This guy just asked me to leave a message and then squealed in my ear.

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