Movie Quotes from Forbidden Zone: Quotes from the movie Forbidden Zone

RENE: The queen said she was going to ream us with twenty-inch cattleprods and I’m still waiting!

SQUEEZIT: Johnny just shot Billy!
TEACHER: Johnny!
JOHNNY: Well the man was cheatin’ so I just had to do away with him and that’s all there was to it.
TEACHER: That does it, Johnny. You’re going to Mr. Yodelbee’s office.
JOHNNY: You ain’t takin’ me nowhere, you honky bitch!
*gunfight ensues*

The queen is a very important person; she hurts me a lot, but I respect her.

You’ll be marked truent!

your butt smells plenty i can smell it from here

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Forbidden Zone’: Quotes from the movie ‘Forbidden Zone’

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