Movie Quotes from For Keeps: Quotes from the movie For Keeps

(1)we did it 5 times (2)no 6 (1) no the car, the car, the garage, the tent, the basement, does the basement count (2)of corse it counts (1) well fine but thats still 5 times (2)the rain (1)oh yeah

1) Well we did it, but still, I never really looked at it. 2)Come on. We did it six times. 3)Five times. The car, the car, the garage, the garage, the basement… does that count? 2)Of courses it counts! 1)Well still that’s only five times. 2)The rain. 1)Oh yeah. Still, I never really checked it out, ok? 2)Well you don’t have to look. 1)No, I want to… Well… 2)Well… 1)It’s cute!

And you,Fifi, can take your fresh fruit and shove it up your big bird!

Donna Elliot: Abortion is not a dirty word its just a simple medical solution.

Donna: Well we all can go to paris. Darcy: Mom you can just forget about Paris ok Stan has to work and GOSH why can’t you just be my mother? Donna: Then just what is it you want Darcy?? Darcy: just don’t be my friend ok? Donna: But I am your friend.

How did Thea get her name??

I’ll settle for big.

I’m pregnant! can someone pass the carrots please

I’m pregnant,can you pass the turnips?

I’m pregnant. Can you pass the turnips?

I’ve tried to think about the rest of my life without her, i can’t even breathe


Off the truck with the bed !!

-Donna Elliot-
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Stan: We can always give it up for an abortion. Darcy: You mean adoption. Stan: Thats what I said adoption. Stan’s Friend: no he didn’t he said abortion. Darcy: I heard you stan loud and clear.
Stan: Well you heard me wrong ok. Darcy: Ok

Stan: You better get back in there! Darcy: I can’t, I just told my mother to shut up. Stan:get in the car Darcy:I wish I had a polaroid of her face!

Stretch marks are the badge of a real woman.

Stretch Marks are the real badge of a woman.

Uh-oh,sex patrol

We could have named her Jennifer or Leslie but Theadosea. It sounds like a greek fishing boat or something.

Well it just needs a little imagination..
and a bed!!

Young lady, you have to learn to keep your mouth shut and your legs crossed!

Your brother’s gum was the first gum that I ever chewed

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