Movie Quotes from Flight of the Phoenix, The: Quotes from the movie Flight of the Phoenix, The

1/ Mr Townes, who is in authority here?
2/ [long pause]…….you are.
1/ Very well then, since I *am* in authority here, I have decided to finish this plane and make it fly!…. we shall now go back to work

I find it hard to believe that a man who learned to fly never had a dream.

I told you not to go over there and you did it any way.We lost seventy two hours of work.

Mr Townes… you’re behaving if stupidity were a virtue!

One Cartridge in… Clean out the schilinders. No i forbid you, i forbid you.

Senza Fine.

Taking out the trash.

The only thing outstanding about you, Mr. Townes, is your stupidity!

There not gunna try and land that thing here are they? It sure as hell looks that way!

What this country needs is a few more pubs

You design TOY AIRPLANES??!!??

You told Townes he’s behaving if stupidity were a virtue…. if he’s making it into a virtue, you’re making it into a bloody science!!!

You’re starting to become quite the little philosopher, aren’t you.

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