Movie Quotes from Fled: Quotes from the movie Fled

1)You’re Chinese?
2) I’m Cuban. But I have an affinity for all cultures. Part of my Mongol upbringing on the streets of New York.
1) New York. That explains the hostility.

1.We’re even 2.No (punches) now we’re even!

Didn’t you see The Fugitive?

Didn’t you see The Godfather?

Didn’t you see What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Dodge! It’s a setup!

Dodge: You don’t like white people huh?
Piper: No I just don’t like YOU!

I ain’t suppose to be here.

I’m just average for a country boy.

If we’re going to run together, we need to get into the same rhythm.

On your feet, convict.

Our witness is dead.

Piper: All right, I want half.
Dodge: Half?! Fuck you, this ain’t divorce!

These people are trying to kill you.

Who fled?

You move when I say you move!

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