Movie Quotes from Flashdance: Quotes from the movie Flashdance

(1) What’s a dancer doing working as a welder? (2) Girl has got make a living.

(1) You know I just love it how you’re always trying to straighten out someone else’s life…(2) Well whenever you want me to straighten out yours, let me know.

(Genie’s Father)You girls eat like pigs. What happened to the diet?
(Genie)I didn’t eat anything yesterday.

(Nick)You speak French?
(Alex)No I just like looking at the pictures.

1) I saw you dance last night…I just wanted to say ‘hi’. 2) hi.. 3) I’m Nick Hurley. 4) Really…I’ve seen your name on my paychecks.

As a matter of fact, I fucked his brains out!

As a matter of fact, I fucked his brains out.

Bless me Father for I have sin. It’s been two months since my last confession.

Did you know that the smallest penis ever measured was 1.2 inches?

Did you know that the smallest penis ever to be measured was 1.1 inces?

Genie’s Father: You girls eat like pigs. What happened to the diet?
Genie: I didn’t eat anything yesterday


Hey Jeannie, are you still porkin’ that cook?

How quickly they forget? The blonde at the benefit. Who’s the goddamn blonde, Nick!!??!!

i am serious and dont call me shirley

I broke your fucking window!

I was so poor, I had hand-me-down lunches.

I’ll Be Here Where The Heart Is.

I’ll be here where the heart is…where the dreams that we’ve been after all come true.

I’m sorry. But I don’t have dinner with the boss. Thanks anyway.

Lady, Lady, Lady.


My dad is breathing down my neck about him. He says Richie is no good and if hasn’t asked me to marry him by now, he ain’t gonna!

N: Last night some idiot threw a rock through my window… A: I broke your fucking window!! N: What? Are you crazy? Are you out of your god damn mind? A: Maybe.

Oh what the hell. You bounce pretty good!

Pete, I don’t want her zip code.


Shut up, Grunt!

smaller…I’ll tell you about small, this place is so small you have to go outside to change your mind! WAAAHAHAHHAAAAA!

what a feeling!

What’s a lesbian with a hard-on? (sticks out his tongue)

What’s a pimple on a Polack’s ass? A brain tumour!

Whats a pimple on a polacks ass? a brain tumour!

When you fill out this application, make sure to list all years of dance education, starting with the earliest…

When you give up your dreams, you die.

When you let go of your dream, you die.

Yeah, and I fucked his brains out.

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