Movie Quotes from Five Heartbeats, The: Quotes from the movie Five Heartbeats, The

Choir Boy! Go to church! Go to church!

Duck! Yall,come on! Let’s do it like we did in the tunnel.
Is there a heart? Is there a heart in the house tonight? Stand up! Stand up! Let me know! Let me know if you understand.

Eddie, we told you about this drinking and drug sh** before, thinking you would calm down.

Every night I got to fight to prove my love!

How does it feel to be me?

I loved you style, your showmanship. I got to have you on my label, let’s make a deal right now. I’m just old country boy, but I do work hard for my artist’s.

I’ve got nuthin’ but love for you baby…

Let’s step outside and I’ll whoop both of you’s asses like ya stole somethin’.

my hours are,9 to 5

Nights like this…IIII wish…that raindrops would…fa-a-a-a-lll

Now don’t let yo mouth get you into something yo ass can’t get you out of.

we got no where to go but up

We Haven’t Finished Yet.

You ain’t never seen five niggers on Elvis Presley’s album cover!

you don’t love him, you love me baby, I know cause I’ve been with you

you sure you want to hang with ol’ Eddie Kane Jr.

you think you know but you dont know

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