Movie Quotes from Firefox: Quotes from the movie Firefox

–Gant, can you fly that plane? Really fly it?
–Yeah, I can fly it. I’m the best there is.

–Target is not avoiding action, Captain!
–He will!

–You can use this?
–Yeah, I can use it.
–Good. Don’t, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

‘think in russian’

Alright. The bait’s been swallowed. Let’s head north to the Urals.

Don’t say anything. Your words would be useless. Maybe even insulting. Just fly the damn plane.

Fighting city hall, as you put it, is a freedom we do not enjoy.

He did it. Damn him if he didn’t actually do it.

He’s up! Great Mother of God, he’s up!

Let’s see what this thing can do.

Mr. Gant, you are an American. You are a free man. I am not.

Punch in the coordinates…I’m coming home.

The American is a dead man, First Secretary.

You will not, of course, make it to wherever you are going. Good bye,
Mr. Gant!

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