Movie Quotes from Final Destination 2: Quotes from the movie Final Destination 2

I mean how can you strangle yourself in the bathtub?

(Person to rescue worker using the Jaws of Life): Don’t make so much noise! Rescue Worker: I’ll just set it on quiet.

Can we find the pregnant lady now… please!

can we find the pregnant lady now?


Clear Rivers to Kid smoking at gas pump: What are you thinking?!?!?
Kid: I’m thinkin’ you suck on mah junk biatch!

Clear Rivers: Being alive after we were supposed to die caused an outward ripple. A RIFT IN DEATHS DESIGN!
Eugene: So, If you hadn’t gotten off the plane, we wouldn’t be alive to begin with.
Clear Rivers: YES! That’s why death is working backwards. It’s tying up all the loose ends, and sealing the rift once and for all.

Dano:Dude,Look at those titties!

Do you know how much fucking weed I got on me!!?

I hope your ready for this

If he gases me, and I come out with my pants undone, we’re not payin.

If I die, will you throw out my porno and my drugs. Just anything that will break my mums heart.

Kat: see this can’t be happening because my career’s at a peak, I finally met a quality guy, I just bought a house…
Rory: maybe if you shut the fuck up, we’ll live.
Kat: yea, like I’m gonna take advice from you.

Kimberly Corman: Dad, it’s Daytona not Somalia.
Mr. Corman: alright, iso-flats, road flares, sun block, mace…
Shaina: Condoms, whips, chains…

Kimberly Corman: If Clear was right that means Nora and Tim are going to be killed by pigeons!

Kimberly Corman: There’s gonna be a huge accident! Everybody’s gonna die!

Kimberly Corman: Were all going to die.

Kimberly Corman: You mean you don’t keep it loaded?
[officer Burke opens gun chamber and sees the six bullets]
Eugene: [sobbing]
Rory: they’re all duds…
Burke: Six in a row? no way, that’s impossible!

kimblery see’s a truck driver turn up a beer bottle on the truck it says drive responsibley Kimblery: yeah that’s real responsible.

Nora: Hello?
Burke: Nora!
Nora: Who is this?
Burke: Nora? Can you hear me?
Nora: O-Officer Burke? I can’t hear you! What?
Eugene: What? What’s he saying?
Burke: Nora, a man with hooks is gonna kill you.

Only new life can defeat death

people are always most alive right before they die. Dont ya think?

Rory: No I don’t wear a seatbelt… what you gonna bust me bitch?

Tim Carpenter}: If he gives me the gas and I wake up with my pants unbuttoned, we ain’t payin’

watch out for the man with the claws

Watch out for the signs

well, if you pu them on the list, they are already dead

you gonna bust me BITCH?

[while using the Jaws of Life, he is told to not make so much noise]
Rescue Worker: I’ll just set it on quiet.

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