Movie Quotes from Fighting Temptations, The: Quotes from the movie Fighting Temptations, The

1) Your momma dead too. 2) He just said that

1.will you be my girlfriend 2. no i wanna be mrs.micheal jackson when i grow up

Don’t fight that feeling.

Heaven knows.

I’m getting ready.

its fighting tempations that makes love go stronger

son if that aint Jesus callin you better shut it off!

Son, if that ain’t Jesus calling, shut it off.

We’re broadcasting live from down by the riverside where three lost souls are trying to find Jesus. Although, personally… I don’t think this is where he fell in.

you know sally had a saying when life makes you deal with mean and hateful people think of them as sand paper they may scratch you they may rub you in the wrong way but eventually you will polished and smooth and the sandpaper will be worn and ugly

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