Movie Quotes from Female Trouble: Quotes from the movie Female Trouble

Aunt Ida: Queers are just better. I’d be so proud if you was a fag.

Aunt Ida: The world of the heterosexual is a sick and boring life.

Taffy: I wouldn’t suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!

Wink: I’m getting a hard-on! Beauty always gives me a hard-on!
Donna Dasher: Point it the other way Wink. You know how I feel about that thing. That thing hanging there like an obscene pickle. Spare me your anatomy.

Dawn Davenport’s eating a meatball hero, RIGHT OUT IN CLASS!

Im scared rats are gonna come out and bite my new nylons.

Not on Christmas, Dawn.

This is Dawn Davenport…I’m pregnant and I want money!

Who wants to be famous?! Who wants to DIE for art!?

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Female Trouble’: Quotes from the movie ‘Female Trouble’

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