Movie Quotes from Feeling Minnesota: Quotes from the movie Feeling Minnesota

1. Listen to me, you asshole! This is whats gonna happen; you buried me in this shit, you’re gonna dig me out. You’re gonna give me the money. 2. What money? 1. I’m gonna go pay that motel guy off! 2. There is no money! 1. You lying sack of shit!! (choking him) 2. (being choked) Ah, I don’t have it anymore! It’s gone! I bought a house.. 1. (stops choking him) 2. Half a house..near vegas for Freddie and me…almost half a house.. 1. A house? You bought a HOUSE??? Ugh!! What are we gonna do with a FUCKIN house??!!??!!

1. So why’d you kill her? She make you mad? You can tell me, cuz you know I know. 2. People KNOW she didn’t wanna be with you. And people know you let those motherfuckers write that on her arm, you bastard! 1. I didn’t tell em to do it. 2. Yeah? Well, who did? 1. Hey, she was my wife! 2. FOR FOUR FUCKING DAYS!!!!!

a: Did you come for me? b: I don’t even know you. a: Did you come for me?! b: yes.

I dream of being in a Las Vegas hotel where all the towels smell like
Downy Fabric Softener.

Time is like an orange. It’s round. It repeats itself. Everything
happens for a reason.

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