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(Looking at a Playboy Mag.) Margo: God, i bet it’d be a rush. Nicole: You wouldn’t really do it. Margo: Why not? I mean who wouldn’t want millions guys fantasizing about them? (sighs) It’s power! Nicole: It’s nuts. Margo: What, It doesn’t feel good to be wanted?

(while strangleing Margo)- hey do you want me? F**k off she’s mine. Hey do you want me? tell me that you want me. tell him that you want me. tell him now-that you want me. i want him. (he grabs her and leaves) — uh. (Nicole starts to cry as she watches.)

But I love him!

But Nicole….I could come by afterwards.

David: It all could have been different Mr. Walker…you should have allowed nature to take its course…in the end it will anyway…SO LET ME IN THE F*CKIN HOUSE!!!

David: Now we have all the time in the world

DAVID: See I know all about you Mr.Walker I know you abandond Nicole when she needed you the most because I licked her sweet tears and I also know you ain’t sorta keeping up your end of the bagin with the misses because if you were she wouldn’t be all over my stick.

David: Tell me you want me. Nicole: I want you David.

Do you know every part of you tastes so good

do you want me nicole, tell me you want me………I want you david

Do yourself a favor and don’t think so much, it gives you premature wrinkles.

Finish the story MAN; what of the glands!

Hey there handsome, when are you gonna grow up so i can ravage you?

I also no you aint so to speak keeping up your end of the bargin with the Misses because if you were she wouldnt be all over my stick

I guess you found my flaw – it’s not a flaw

I’m here about a dog…does this look like a kennel?woof woof woof!

It all coulda been different Mr.Walker, you shoulda just allowed nature to take its course, in the end it will anyway, so let me in you fuc*in house!!

it’s just that i was taught that…if something’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t.

Its just me and you Nicole no one else, Do you want me? Yes. Tell me, tell me you wnt me. I want you David

Kill the body and the head will die too!


Margo. King and occidental? I’m with ya.

Mr Walker

Mr Walker: The pain will go away Nicole I promice


Nicole for eva

Nicole get me a coke!!!!

Nicole please don’t do this-please nicole i need you-nicooollleee pleeeaaassseee-your my only friend(margo cries)

Nicole: Do you mean to tell me,that you didn’t stand there and hit david so hard in that chest that he is now all sore and brused. Nicole’s dad: well i might have b… Nicole: but nothing i can’t belive you. you may not have lost me as your daughter but you lost my respect. uhh.

Nicole: How could he possibly know we had sex?
Margo: Caught ya you hoe! You never told me you were doing it!

Nicole: I don’t think there’s a thing thats ever happened- or not happend, for that matter- that I don’t remember. You’re the one who blocks out the past. Mr. Walker: Nicole, I don’t block out anything. It just takes longer to sort through 40 years of data… than it does 16. Nicole: Maybe you oughta consider upgrading to a faster chip. Mr. Walker:(laughs) Ya know, Sometimes you’re pretty funny. Nicole: I have my moments.

Now I popped both your cherries

she got a black eye in gym class so i gave her a makeup lesson—so she wouldn’t look like a slut

So Let me in the Fucking house

So let me in your fuckin’ house!

Steve Walker: What ever he told you..
Nicole: He didn’t have to tell me anything. I saw the bruises.
Steve: Bruises, what bruises!
Nicole: Are you gonna stand there and tell me that you didn’t touch him? That you didn’t hurt him so bad that he’s sore and bruised?
Steve: Look, I may have…
Nicole: That’s right dad. You may have. But I tell you what you did do, you lost my respect.

Steve: Well We’re not talkin abou me.
David: Oh yes we are. See this is what this whole thing is about Steve your inadequacies your fears.
Steve: You just wait a min-
David: Now listen to me. I can help with your problems all of em. I know you abandoned Nicole when she needed ya most…cuz I licked her sweet tears…I know about things comin apart at work maybe you f*ckin lost it in that department…I also know you aint keepin up so to speak up with the bargain with the Mrs. cuz if you were she wouldn’t be all of over my stick. But relax Steve we’re friends uh we’re practically family.
Steve: I want you to understand something pal. If you don’t disappear from my family’s lives I’m gonna rip your b*lls off and shove em so far up your *ss they’ll come out your f*ckin mouth. You got that my friend.

Take off your make-up you look like a slut.

u know when things r to good to be true it usually means they r

Was Margo in Bio today?? No , she called , she’s sick.
At least she admits it!!

were all alone-just me and you-now tell me do you want me? yes. tell me that you want me. I want you david.

You fu**in whore–What did u tell Nichole…I swear–I don’t know how she knows…

You got that my friend

You only remember your first. Not your second, not your third, just your first.
(Then sexy David and his friends walk up to the scene)

you’re not dancing………neither are you

your my only friend


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