Movie Quotes from Fatal Attraction: Quotes from the movie Fatal Attraction

–Face up to your responsibility.
–What responsibility?

–I don’t think having dinner with someone is a crime.
–Not yet.

–I got a lot of pull here.
–I’ve noticed.

–Thank you.
–No, thank you.
–No, thank you.

–Yes, I’m discreet.
–Me too.


Are you having an affair with her?

Bring the dog. I love animals…I’m a great cook.

Dan, I won’t be ignored.

Dan, I’m not gonna be ignored!

Ellen, the gum.

Have you ever done it in an elevator?

I have to go.

I’m a great cook.

I’m gonna be the mother of your child. I want a little respect!

I’m not going to be ignored, Dan

I’m not going to be ignored, Daniel!

It’s not gonna stop, it’s gonna go on and on until you start facing up to your responsibilities.

It’s okay.

It’s over.

Let’s hear it.


Oh, so you had your fun and now you want a quiet life.

Painting parties? Beth, you’re making me very nervous.


She wants a rabbit.

This is Beth Gallagher. If you come near my family again I’ll kill you, do you understand me?

We were attracted to each other at the party. That was obvious! You’re on your own for the night, that’s also obvious. We’re two adults.

Well, what am I supposed to do? You won’t answer my calls, you change your number. I mean, I’m not gonna be ignored, Dan!

What happened? I woke up, you weren’t here. I hate that.

You Bastard, that was a shitty thing to do. My father died of a heart attack.

You wouldn’t understand that because your so selfish, your just so selfish, your a stoopid SELFISH BITCH!

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