Movie Quotes from Ernest Scared Stupid: Quotes from the movie Ernest Scared Stupid

ernest- monster penis is nice in the butt

Ernest: She told me about this troll with red beede eyes and walkes like this. And that little booger lives right, down, there. BUT! He can only be awaken on the night before Halloween.
Elisabeth: Like tonight
Ernest: When a Worrel.
Elisabeth: Like you.
Ernest: Places his head on a tree… like this. And says ya I call thee forth Trantor. But what are the chances of that happening!

Gee I sure hope you’re from keebler!

How ’bout a bumper sandwich booger-lips!

I’ve got to Save the Brussel Sprouts.

Im a Ernest and im a fuckin homo who sticks a dildo up his ass

Look! They’re using those hook things!

Not even milk can stop me now!

Trantor the Troll: Bring me the head of Ernest P. Worrell!

TRANTOR(the troll): You will pay for the sins of your fore fathers!
ERNEST: I didn’t have four fathers, I just had one, and uh I didn’t know him very well!

trantor(troll)ernest lets forget this hole thing will we have hott steamy but sex with my grandma and i poop in ur mouthyou stick ur finger upmy butt we have dirty nasty smelly babies and i eat ur bunghole out

well i dont have a quote to say but let me just say it’s rated PG and he saw the hulkimania once in slow-mo just like to critique that.. well then thats it

What good is a wooden dog? Oh, sure they swim better, but what am I gonna call him, Splinter?

You better leave me alone! I saw Hulkamania three times! Twice in slow-mode!

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’: Quotes from the movie ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’

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