Movie Quotes from Enough: Quotes from the movie Enough

–Are you scared?
–Of what?
–Of me.

–You’ll never see Gracie again.
–You never will.

1)Piece of cake? 2)piece of pie.


All I Wanna Do.

Bad Girl.

Gracie: What’s ‘tainted?’ Is that like ‘painted?’

Gracie: Good, because I am sick and tired to DEATH of moving!!!!

Gracie: I’m really sad..

Gracie: You tasted it…

Gracie:I like talking to grandma, but every Sunday do we have to drive 55 hours just to reach some phone booth?

I love you yes, but I’m not a door mat you can walk all over.

Let me say two words, ok? Lug nuts. You don’t wanna worry they’re loose every time you pull onto the freeway. And how about the windows in your apartment, are they still locked? Must go crazy thinking about stuff like that.

Love be still, love be sweet
Don’t you dare change a thing
I want to photograph you with my mind
To feel how I feel now…all the time

Say that you’ll stay forever this way
Forever and forever that we’ll never have to change
Don’t move, don’t breathe
Don’t change, don’t leave
And promise me
Say you’ll stay
Oh, we’ll stay this Way

I get afraid
I don’t think*ahead
Let’s just stay this way in bed
Feels so good inside your arms
Home is everywhere that you are


Voice over here:
Don’t move don’t breathe
Don’t change don’t leave
Promise me we’ll always be
The sky ‘s so sweet
It’s good to me
Promise me we’ll always be

Mitch: What I can’t hit you? Slim: No you can’t.

Mitch: You want to fight? Like man on man?
Slim: Woman to man…
Mitch: Oh, man against woman.. isn’t that a little unfair?
Slim: For whom?

Mitch:Is that my little coissant? Slim:No, it’s your loaf of bread.

Officer:She could get a protection order. Slim:What’s that? A little piece of paper that says he can’t come around? Officer:Right. Slim:And when he does come around, what does she do? Throw it at him?

one last thing the hardest lesson we can control the universe then ur distracted for a second that’s not possible we have to practice 4 the impossible … ur down lying there seemly beaten but hear me hold on to my voice steady movement he thinks he won and shore as he is a cowered he’ll try to kick u and because u no wut he is ganna do ull smile inside

Self Defense Is Not Murder You Have A Devine Animal Right To Protect Your Life And The Life Of Your Offspring

Self defense is not murder.

Slim: I’m not gonna do it! I’M NOT GONNA SIT HERE, AND TAKE IT, AND TAKE IT! I love you yes! But I AM NOT A DOOR MAT!

Slim:Gracie stop begging! you look like a dog!

Slim:You’re caught. I caught you. And you’re not gonna talk your way out of this. How many Mitch? How many are there? How many have there been? Mitch:What does it matter? Hmm? It’s not that our sex life hasn’t been good, it’s been great Slim. But I’m a man. Men and women have different needs.

the hardest book to read

This Way.

What’s tainted? Is that like painted?

you have a devine animal right to protect your own life and the life of your offspring

You know, love is a scary thing. How powerful it is, what it does to you. That’s what happened here. You see if I ever think of—I just—I can’t—I refuse to live without you. I think you understand what I’m saying.

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