Movie Quotes from Enemies: A Love Story: Quotes from the movie Enemies: A Love Story

–How do you manage it? Do you rush from one to another?
–I do my best. It isn’t easy.

–I didn’t know you were alive?
–You never knew.

–You swore a holy oath!
–I swore falsely.

I came to him a wirgin.

If men had their way a woman would lie down a prostitute and get up a virgin.

If you don’t run away, they’ll suck the last drop of life out of you.

In America they have a thing called a manager. That is what you need.
I will be your manager because you are incapable of making decisions for yourself.

Now there’s no point in dying.

This town is lousy with bookworms. Everyone wants to be a ghostwriter.

Where are the Nazis? What kind of world is this without Nazis?

You two have something in common. You both knew me when I was alive.

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